REcolorado Adds Zillow Group to Syndication Portal

REcolorado is pleased to announce Zillow Group will be added to the REcolorado Syndication Portal effective April 26. This means brokers and agents who previously did not have a way to syndicate their listings to Zillow and Trulia can now do so through REcolorado as part of their REcolorado subscription.

On behalf of its 20,000 subscribers, REcolorado negotiated an agreement with the Zillow Group that can’t be matched in Colorado. The agreement protects your data, preserves data accuracy, includes fair display rules, and limits derivative products all while providing maximum branding and visibility.

Valued at more than $250 per month, REcolorado subscribers will receive the following at no cost:

– Listing Brokerage Prominence –  With benefits from both Zillow’s Broker Pro and Broker Profile packages the listing brokerage will be prominently displayed:

– Listing Brokerage name display when that Brokerage’s listing appears on a search results page.

– Brokerage name and logo display on property details page of each active listing.

– Brokerage description and hyperlink to brokerage website from property details pages.

– Listing Video specific to the listing or brokerage, with the chance to record your own brokerage video complements of REcolorado and Zillow. We will provide details when they are available.

Enhanced Brokerage profile page, which includes office photo roster, brokerage map, and link to brokerage website, and the ability to upload a video highlighting the brokerage and their services

– Premier Agents Not Pre-Selected – On the listing detail page, premier agents’ names will NOT be automatically checked, giving the appearance they have been pre-selected. This will give the consumer the ability to choose who to contact.

– Accurate Listing Statuses – Zillow has agreed to keep the listing status current and up to date. Additionally, REcolorado will be provided a dedicated technical resource at Zillow to make certain statuses are up to date and accurate.

– REcolorado Listing Metrics will Include the Zillow Group – Zillow traffic statistics will be included on REcolorado Listing Metrics reports so brokers only need to go to one place to analyze the performance of their listings.

– Housing and Tech Event– REcolorado and Zillow will join together to host a housing and tech event in Denver. The event will be branded to both companies.

Are your listings already being syndicated to the Zillow Group? It is very possible they are. Check with your managing broker to determine if your listings are already being sent to the Zillow Group via a brokerage feed, IDX partner, Virtual tour provider, or another vendor.

How do you syndicate your listings to the Zillow Group from REcolorado? The Zillow Group syndication channel will be made available for all REcolorado offices automatically. When entering a listing, agents simply need to select Zillow Group on the “Internet Display” tab in Matrix.

Don’t forget, if you want your currently active listings to be syndicated to Zillow Group, you will need to update them by checking the Zillow Group box in the “Internet Display” tab in Matrix.

Have questions? Feel free to contact a member of our Customer Care team by sending an email to or calling us at 303.850.9576, option 1.