Looking Back to Move Forward: REcolorado 2020-2021 Annual Report

Message from REcolorado President and CEO Gene Millman

I began in my role with REcolorado in July 2020. I am honored to serve as Chief Executive Officer, and I appreciate the confidence and responsibility involved in helping shape this wonderful company for the future. It gives me great pride to report that, although it offered many challenges due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Fiscal Year 2020-21 was very successful for REcolorado. We are financially and operationally strong and well positioned as a leader in our industry.

Since REcolorado was founded in 1984, we have grown and our company has evolved to serve an industry that is rapidly changing. Today, we serve more than 27,000 real estate professionals who operate throughout the state—39% more than we served only five years ago. We offer those professionals, as well as the home buyers and sellers they serve, more data and information than ever before through an advanced MLS system, personalized client portal, mobile apps, and a consumer-facing home search site.

Underpinning our growth strategy is a deep and long-standing commitment to provide our customers with trusted tools and services that leverage current and accurate data. To achieve this, our teams enhanced our tools to accommodate market shifts, rolled out efforts to ensure we can make a complete set of listings available to our customers and the public, and collaborated with our customers to correct data discrepancies. They offered industry-leading customer care, education, and communications while working remotely and at the office.

To serve our customers now and well into the future, we completed our move into a new office space in late 2020. Our new headquarters includes technology our teams will use to stay connected in our new virtual world, stronger systems to keep our customers’ data safe and secure, and an education center that holds twice as many students, each with their own workstation.

The customer is our north star, and our focus every day. In early 2021, we launched revised mission, vison, and core values statements. Our team and leadership will use these to guide our strategy and initiatives, as well as the marketplace of the future as we take a more active and engaging role in shaping our industry.

I admire the resilience of our customers who have continued to deliver value to home buyers and sellers throughout Colorado. I am continually impressed by our dedicated, creative, and professional REcolorado team that did not skip a beat as they supported our customers. Additionally, I’m thankful to our Board of Directors, committee members and shareholders who have given unwavering support for our strategy.