Quickly Access Your Tools Right From Matrix

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Matrix Integrations

As a real estate professional, you have a lot on your plate. We understand, which is why we’re continually on the lookout for ways we can help you save time and make it easier for you to access the tools you use regularly.

One of the ways we’ve customized Matrix to help you accomplish this is by including convenient quick links to popular tools on the Full Property View in Matrix. These quick links—which look like icons and are also called “Matrix integrations”— are located underneath the photo viewer and allow you to easily schedule a showing, access your eContract tool, and more.

Several of these Matrix integrations are included in your REcolorado subscription at no extra cost, like Homesnap and RatePlug. Additionally, several of them are add-on tools, meaning you may need to have a subscription to the tools before you can use them.

In addition to the icons that give you quick access to your tools, there are a few that give you a snapshot of valuable information related to the listing, like history, open house times, and access to a virtual tour (if available).

We’ve included an entire list of Matrix integrations below, or download our printer-friendly version.

View the photos in an enlarged photo view, including captions and descriptions.
View the map location of the property in a new window
clock historyHistory
Review the listing price and status changes of the property, including prior listings and public records history.
reel virtual tourVirtual Tour
Opens a virtual tour of the property in a new browser window.
documents supplementsSupplements
View a list of documents and attachments for the property in Matrix.
full property viewFull Property View
Open the Tax tab of the full property view to see integrated tax information from Realist. Click the Realist Tax link on this page to open the property in Realist.
open houseOpen Houses
View all upcoming scheduled open house dates and times for the property.
report itReport It
Anonymously report a potential data integrity violation.
Exclusively for REALTORS®; a link to the Realtors Property Resource data and reports.
Showing TimeShowing Time
Request a showing through Showing Time.
CTMCTM eContracts
Link to CTM eContracts software system; a subscription is required.
A link to the Instanet Document and Contract software system; a subscription is required.
A transaction management tool that lets you manage up to 10 transactions for free.
View in Homesnap Pro
Sends a text or link to view the listing in Homesnap Pro.
Mortgage Info
View real-time mortgage information from your preferred lenders with RatePlug.
The listing was added to REcolorado Matrix within the last seven days.
The date and time of the next scheduled open house.