Quickly Access Your Tools Right From Matrix

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Matrix Integrations

As a real estate professional, you have a lot on your plate. We get that, which is why we’re continually on the lookout for ways we can help you save time and make it easier for you to access the tools you use regularly.

One of the ways we’ve customized Matrix to help you accomplish this is by including convenient quick links to popular tools on the Full Property View in Matrix. These quick links—which look like icons and are also called “Matrix integrations”— are located underneath the photo viewer and allow you to easily schedule a showing, access your eContract tool, and more.

Several of these Matrix integrations are included in your REcolorado subscription at no extra cost, like Homesnap and RatePlug. Additionally, several of them are add-on tools, meaning you’ll need to have a subscription to the tools before you can use them.

In addition to the icons that give you quick access to your tools, there are a few that give you a snapshot of valuable information related to the listing, like history, open house times, and access to a virtual tour (if available).

We’ve included an entire list of Matrix integrations below. Or, download our printer-friendly version which also includes our handy ABCs of Matrix guide.

Matrix integrations REcolorado