Using Public Records Search Results to Increase Your Business

We’ve taken the public record information from Realist and combined it with the listing information already available in REcolorado Matrix. This means, in addition to running a general listing search, you can also search for public records.

Viewing public records can help you gather valuable information for your buyers and sellers, but that’s not all. You can also use a public record search to help you gain new clients by searching Owner Occupied and using your results to print mailing labels for your marketing and farming efforts.

Getting Started With Your Public Records Search

As with a general listing search, you can set your default search criteria for the Public Record search form, so it remembers your preferences when you access the search form in the future. Once you’ve landed on your search results page, take a look at our how-to document on interpreting your results. Additional customization options include creating a custom public records display so you can view your results the way you want to, and a convenient way to save your searches.

When you click into a property to view the full listing details, you’ll notice the display now has a new tabbed appearance. Learn more about how the New Matrix ‘Full Property View’ Brings All the Info to You.

The map on the Public Records search uses the same map, drawing tools, layers, and other functionality you’re familiar with from listing searches. When you search in REcolorado Matrix, you can search public records across more than eight counties at a time.

Public record searches you’ve recently run are included in the Recent Searches drop down menu located in the top right-hand corner of the screen, directly underneath your name.

Market to the Homeowner by Searching Owner Occupied

The Public Records search form in REcolorado Matrix enables you to search by Owner Occupied. Owner Occupied means the mailing address for the owner is the same as the property address, which means it is likely that the homeowner uses the property as their primary residence. From a marketing and farming perspective, searching for owner-occupied properties can help you market to homes where you’ll have a good chance of reaching the homeowner, rather than a tenant. On the flip side, you could market to tenants with a specific first-time homebuyer message.

Print Mailing Labels From REcolorado Matrix

Just like you could in Realist, it’s now easy to print mailing labels from public records search results in REcolorado Matrix. Printing mailing labels can be helpful when you want to send mailers as a farming tactic, or even when you want to send holiday cards to your contacts to stay top of mind. Six different addressee options are available so you can choose the details you need. Bonus: Printing mailing labels through REcolorado Matrix doesn’t count against your export limit!

Be sure to check out all the training resources available for Public Records in Matrix. If you have questions, feel free to contact our Customer Care team at 303.850.9576, option 1, or send an email to