Prove You’re the Right Agent for This (Wild) Market… Without Saying a Word

Leverage a long history of reviews and client praise, and your experience will speak for itself

Today’s buyers and sellers understand it’s the wildest, weirdest, fastest market ever. So, is it any surprise that buyers and sellers are doing a LOT of research as they select the right agent to represent them?

For agents wondering how to stand out and get hired, the answer is: online reviews. The third-party validation of a positive review will resonate more than any marketing message you could write, any prospecting email you could send, or any cold call you could make.

How buyers’ agents can use reviews

It’s a stressful time and buyers’ agents are on-call at all hours; booking same-day tours of new listings; fielding calls from listing agents who know they’re in the power position; talking with buyers who can’t emotionally handle losing another home to another buyer.

But it’s one thing to hear an agent talk about how they help clients navigate today’s market; it’s another to read about the experience from a client’s point of view. That’s why it’s critical that agents have a strong portfolio of online reviews that showcase the real work they’re doing (and the value they bring).

What reviews can do for listing agents

Meanwhile, some of today’s sellers think that the market is doing all the work, and the agent is getting paid for nailing the sign into the ground. Of course, we know that while today’s uneven supply-and-demand has created unprecedented momentum, it’s REALTORS® who are using that momentum to get the best offers for their seller clients.

When they have reviews to back up the expertise and tenacity they bring to each transaction, agents can sit back and let their experience speak for itself.

Can potential clients find you online?

Of course, to benefit from the power of online reviews, potential clients need to see them. Stats show* that local businesses ranking in the top three of Google SERPs have an average of 47 reviews; consumers also tend to trust a company’s “star ranking” once they have 40+ reviews.

*Bright Local, Google Reviews Study: How Many Reviews Do Local Businesses Need?

Among consumers who are seeking help with real estate:

  • 78% look at reviews for REALTORS® or surveyors before making contact.
  • 77% think reviews are important when hiring someone in the real estate industry.

*Bright Local, Local Consumer Review Survey 2020

Those numbers alone show how vital it is for real estate agents to have a strong online reputation, bolstered by positive client reviews. Still, many agents aren’t sure it’s worth the effort to request, collect and share these reviews.

Be sure to work with an online reviews solution that can help you flow all your past, current and future reviews straight to Google, where they’ll do the most work on your behalf. That’s where RateMyAgent comes into play. RateMyAgent believes that good agents like you should be able to harness the power of your great reputations. And they’ve made it their mission to help you grow your online presence quickly and effectively, by using the experiences and testimonials of the clients you’ve served well. Plus, you get access to additional marketing solutions thanks to their partnership with us!

How to get Started

It’s time to leverage what you’ve done to get more business and keep the pipeline full. Get started by claiming your free RateMyAgent profile and let your reviews start working for you. Your goal once you claim your profile is to collect at least 3 reviews, which will kick off the SEO benefits of this platform and allows you to use some of their marketing solutions, like social media manager. Most agents aren’t digital marketers, so RateMyAgent leverages the excellent customer experiences you’ve already created to validate and differentiate you online.*Think digital word of mouth marketing, done for you.

RateMyAgent wants to assist you in blowing the dust off the reviews you already have and put them to work. If you’re like most agents, you have a few reviews here, there and everywhere, but the power lies in pulling them together to showcase a more complete view of what it’s like to work with you. RateMyAgent can help you do this easily.