Productivity and Teams in REcolorado Matrix

To improve the accuracy of data in REcolorado Matrix, the REcolorado Board of Directors passed a rule that revises how productivity is attributed to Teams. Beginning mid-April, Teams will receive credit for 100% of all transactions when the Team ID is entered as the listing broker or selling broker.

Change to Team Productivity Reporting

Previously, Teams and individuals could split the transaction by indicating both the Team and an individual as co-brokers on a listing. This confused and artificially inflated production numbers. Beginning in mid-April, 100% of the transaction will be recorded on the Team if a Team is entered as the listing or selling broker. Listings recorded before this date will not be affected.

Are you part of a team?

Per REcolorado, you are considered a part of a Team if you have a separate Team ID that consists of a Team Lead and Team Members. This Team must be approved by your Participant or Managing Broker.           

If you are already part of a Team in REcolorado Matrix, you may see a change to your individual productivity on all transactions after the change takes effect. All transactions from mid-April forward will be recorded under the Team.

If an individual leaves a Team, productivity will not transfer to the individual’s name; it will remain with the Team ID. Similarly, if a property was listed or sold by a Team, it will stay under the Team name and ID. If a Team dissolves, all productivity will remain with the Team ID as well. Productivity cannot be transferred to individual brokers or offices.

Accuracy is Key

This change will improve data integrity within REcolorado Matrix by ensuring productivity is reported consistently across all Teams.

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Accuracy is key. If you are operating as a Team, report your productivity as a Team. If you are operating independently, report your productivity as an individual broker. Talk with your Managing Broker about the pros and cons of being part of a Team.

If you have questions about this rule change, how it will impact your listings, or would like to make a change to your Team in REcolorado Matrix, please contact our Customer Care team at