Listing Input Tip: Pretend Every Field is Required!

As you’re entering a new listing in REcolorado Matrix, it may be tempting to complete only the required fields to save time and input the listing as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this short cut often has significant consequences, from listing errors to fewer potential buyers.

Instead, remember this tip: pretend every field is required!

Completing as many fields as possible for your listing helps appraisers, buyers, and other brokers. With complete and accurate listing details, everyone benefits!

Give Appraisers a Hand

Appraisers appreciate complete information, including details like power production. Not only does it help appraisers identify the most accurate comparables, complete listing information helps them identify features that could increase the property value but might not otherwise be visible.

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Attract More Potential Buyers

Buyers looking for specific traits, like mountain views or green home features, are more likely to find your listing if you complete those fields. Listing input and search are the opposite sides of the same coin. Buyers can search by many fields, not only the required fields, so completing as much information as possible ensures your listing appears in all applicable search results.

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Be the Real Estate Expert

Having complete listing data gives you a leg up answering questions for your clients. Like appraisers, you can use additional detail to find the best properties in CMAs as you price a listing. More data available helps you find possibilities for your buyer clients as you can home in on specific details with customized searches. If your buyers have a question about a home, you can find the answer in completed listing fields.

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