Prepare your Saved Searches and Auto Emails

REcolorado will be launching a new version of our Matrix MLS system early next year. All of your current information, including listings, contacts, saved searches, and auto emails will carry over into the new system. Here’s what you can do now to make the transition smoother.

What you need to know: Transferring your Information

REcolorado has been working behind the scenes on a project to apply RESO Data Dictionary standards to REcolorado Matrix. This impacts both MLS field names and data technology. To learn more, watch “What is RESO?

At the end of the project, we’ll be launching a brand new version of REcolorado Matrix! In addition to the RESO updates, we’ll also launch enhancements based on your requests and feedback from your peers. Things are going to look a little different, but you’ll still have all the functionality of the powerful MLS system you know and trust.

All of your account information will transfer into the new version of REcolorado Matrix. That includes your listings, contacts, saved searches, auto emails, and branding.

Because some fields will change based on the RESO Data Dictionary, we’ll translate your existing searches to match the new fields. You’ll need to review your saved searches and auto emails to make sure they are still giving you the results you want.

Why are these changing? Based on input from your peers and the RESO Data Dictionary standards, some fields have been broken out into more logical groupings. If your search included one of these fields, there’s a chance it won’t translate properly. Our team is working closely with CoreLogic to ensure as little disruption as possible, but it will be a good idea for you to check your searches in the new system.

What you need to do: Delete Unused Saved Searches

Now is the perfect time to review your settings. Do you still have saved searches for clients who are inactive? Review your contacts, saved searches, and auto emails to ensure everything is up-to-date. Delete any saved searches or auto emails that you are no longer using. This will save you time later when you have to review the transferred information.

This is also a great time of year to refresh your branding! Review your profile on and your custom branding in REcolorado Matrix and the Client Portal. Make sure everything is up-to-date, including your bio and photo.

Review these training resources for more information on saved searches, auto emails, and branding:

We’re here to help! We will continue sending updates and important information as the project continues. If you have any questions about REcolorado’s Go RESO project or how you can prepare, please contact REcolorado Customer Care at