Poll: How Do You Feel About ‘Coming Soon’ Signs?

Are you a fan of ‘Coming Soon’ signs? Some say it’s OK to get a jump on marketing if it’s in the seller’s best interest, but others say it’s pointless. Click the picture below to let us know what you think.

Real Estate Coming Soon Sign Poll

Of course, there isn’t a correct answer. But, if you’d like to use a ‘Coming Soon’ sign, it might be wise to speak with your client first, obtain their approval, and make sure they’ve weighed the pros and cons of the sign. For example, look at the five questions the Colorado Division of Real Estate recommends clients ask their agents prior to placing a ‘Coming Soon’ sign in their yard. Can you effectively answer each question? And, the questions below combine to form an overarching question: Is the sign in the seller’s best interest? Check out this thought-provoking article from NAR.

5 Questions to Ask Coming Soon Sign