Paving the Way for BrokerBay

Key Points:

• You can now schedule, modify, and cancel BrokerBay showings by phone at 888.808.0331
• Click the blue BrokerBay icon in Matrix to schedule showings
• Everyone can schedule showings in BrokerBay – IRES MLS users have a BrokerBay integration
• The listing agent chooses the showing service
• What makes BrokerBay a great showing management platform

The first phase of offices began using BrokerBay for their listings early this year and everyone can use it to set showings. The goal of a phased launch was to gather your feedback on using BrokerBay, which we are using to build a better experience for entire offices, administrative staff, listing agents, buyer’s agents – EVERYONE. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Scheduling Showings Needs to be BOTH Easy and Familiar

Habit is a powerful force. You rely on familiar shortcuts in REcolorado Matrix to quickly schedule showings. You’re also used to dialing a phone number when you need to schedule or reschedule a showing.

Here’s what we’ve done to improve your experience:

  • Schedule, Modify, and Cancel BrokerBay Showings by Phone!

    That’s right, brokers can call BrokerBay to managing showings on the go! Many brokers across Colorado rely on phone calls to manage showing schedules – we heard you and are providing this valuable service through BrokerBay as part of your REcolorado subscription.

    Simply call 888.808.0331 to request a showing or change an existing appointment on any listing configured with BrokerBay. It’s that easy!

Pro Tip: Save this phone number to your contacts for all listings set up with BrokerBay – 888.808.0331

  • Quickly Schedule Showings from REcolorado Matrix by Clicking the Showing Service Icon.

    You can schedule showings through either ShowingTime or BrokerBay directly from REcolorado Matrix – that hasn’t changed! Listing agents indicate which showing service they are using during listing input. Based on their selection, you’ll see either a BrokerBay or ShowingTime icon in REcolorado Matrix search results and on the listing details page. Plus, you can find additional details in the Showing Information section.

    How to find showing details in REcolorado Matrix:
  • Everyone Can Schedule Showings in BrokerBay – Even in the IRES MLS

    You do not have to have a BrokerBay account to schedule, modify, or cancel a showing through BrokerBay. You don’t even need to be an REcolorado subscriber – IRES agents can schedule showings through BrokerBay too!

    We worked with BrokerBay and IRES to add an integration in their MLS system so IRES users can easily schedule showings on exchanged listings configured with BrokerBay. Here’s how >>
  • And more.

    We’re working closely with BrokerBay to further enhance your experience from onboarding through scheduling, changing, and managing showings. We’re putting some final pieces in place to open onboarding to all offices very soon. Stay tuned for updates on the REcolorado Professionals Blog and check your email for REcolorado Weekly News.  

Use the Correct Showing Service

Remember, the listing agent chooses the showing service. You do not need to have any training or onboarding to schedule a showing on a listing. As you’ve done in the past when there were multiple showing services, simply click the BrokerBay or ShowingTime button. Then use the information in REcolorado Matrix to request a showing online or by phone – just as you’ve done with other showing services! The number for BrokerBay is 888.808.0331. It’s really that easy!

Why BrokerBay?

Based on your feedback, we evaluated over a dozen showing services before choosing to provide BrokerBay as a core REcolorado service, included in your subscription. There’s a reason we chose them, and they’ve proven to be a solid choice over and over as we work together to bring forward a showing solution that works for Colorado brokers.

Their willingness to go the extra mile, brainstorm new enhancements, and customize the BrokerBay platform for REcolorado customers will lead to an unparalleled showing management solution for you, even if it takes a little longer to onboard.

Plus, BrokerBay has an amazing training and support team. Brokers who have submitted tickets as they onboard and configure listings have reported fast email support.

And we’re not going anywhere! If you have questions about how BrokerBay works with REcolorado, give us a call. REcolorado Customer Care is available six days per week at 303.850.9576, option 1, or