Partial Ownership Field Enhancements

We continue to make enhancements to Matrix to ensure we have a system that works for brokers across Colorado. Valuable feedback from SSBR members led to several recent adjustments to partial ownership fields. This includes simplification of fields for easier input and search.

‘Partial Ownership Type’ Required

Ownership Type Options

When you enter information in any of the four ownership fields, you are now required to select a Partial Ownership Type. This is because many agents search the MLS for full-ownership listings. Accurately labeling your partial-ownership listing ensures that it will not show up in searches for full-ownership listings. Accurately labeling your property also increases the accuracy of data sent to third-party sites so you don’t receive leads from consumers who don’t realize the property is only partially available.

partial ownership fields required
If you put information in the highlighted fields, then you must select a value other than ‘Not Applicable’ for Partial Ownership Type

‘Partial Identification’ Added

Clarify which portion of the ownership is available with the Partial Identification field.

partial ownership field enhancements


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