Multiple Client Portals: A Major Pain Point of Multiple MLSs

“It’s so hard when I have so many clients in the Thornton, Boulder, Frederick/Firestone to Loveland area. They have to be on two systems.”

“Whenever you are helping people who are looking in the areas that are often served by both MLS systems you must set your clients up to receive two emails on the same parameters. So, if you are working on two options, that means you send four emails. Many of my clients go to Redfin and of course Zillow. It’s easier, even if not as accurate.”

“Our poor clients have to go to two different systems and it’s confusing and cumbersome.”

“…it would be lovely to create only one search for each of our clients in lieu of two…”

Population growth and urban development continue to blur boundaries up and down the Front Range. Land that once distinctly separated cities is now sparse, replaced with homes and businesses that aid the growth of a sprawling metropolis. This real estate expansion, it seems, is inevitable, and real estate professionals are adapting to meet the rapidly-changing needs of their diverse clientele. Well, adapting as much as they can. That’s because there’s still a point of contention that’s beyond their control: multiple MLS systems.

Too Many is Too Much

Separate MLS systems create several major issues for brokers and appraisers, including one that brokers pass on to their clients—multiple emails that link to different client portals. It confuses and frustrates the clients, which then pushes the clients to national portals to quickly find the information all in one place. But consolidation of MLS systems would create, among other valuable benefits, one client portal which would eliminate the need for clients to seek out other options.

Consolidation is Necessary

As economic growth blurs Front Range boundaries, we believe the local MLS industry should simultaneously adapt to better meet the needs of its customers. The future of the MLS industry is consolidation; one MLS for the Colorado Front Range and beyond. If we come together and consolidate resources, we can better reinforce brokers as the local experts. That would help consumers continue to understand the benefit of using a local real estate professional, and, in turn, that would help ensure brokers stay at the center of the real estate transaction. It’s a win-win.

The Benefits of One MLS and One Client Portal

One MLS combines the strengths of all real estate professionals into one—one accurate data set, one MLS fee, one system, one set of rules, one strong, public-facing website that directs consumers to the listing agent, and of course, one client portal. And if that one client portal was the REcolorado Client Portal, here are a few of many impressive benefits brokers and their clients would receive:

  • A one-step process for brokers to send current and future listings to clients
  • Auto emails that include a listing photo and details for each property, plus, clients can click to view listings without having to log in
  • Brokers have the option to receive immediate notifications via text or email when a client is active in their portal

To learn more about all the REcolorado Client Portal offers, watch this training webinar on demand:

Webinar: Better Customer Experience with One Client Portal
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Bridging the Gap

We’re committed to one MLS. To show that commitment, we’re inviting northern Colorado real estate professionals to join REcolorado. And many are taking us up on the offer! They’re also bringing their listings—both active and historical. A broad range of listings in REcolorado means more data to power the REcolorado tools and services you love, including the Client Portal. That means more complete and accurate information for your clients, and that’s the power of one MLS.