New REcolorado Matrix Brings New Required Fields

When REcolorado launched the latest version of Matrix, all existing listings were transferred into the new system. When you first click on a listing in the new REcolorado Matrix, you may be prompted to complete any missing required fields before you can make further changes to the status, price, or other fields.

To improve data integrity based on the new functionality in REcolorado Matrix, some fields that weren’t previously are now required. These new fields are required for both new listings being added to the system and transferred listings from the previous version of REcolorado Matrix. If you are missing required fields, you won’t be able to make other changes to your listing until all required fields are added.

Identify Missing Required Fields

Great news! There’s a very simple and easy way to check your listings for any missing required fields.

From the Input page, select a listing from the Quick Modify dropdown and select the Property Type form.

quick modify edit listing select form

Before you do anything else, scroll to the button bar at the bottom of your screen and click “Validate.”

REcolorado Matrix Validate Listing Button

Now, you’ll see a red exclamation point next to any tabs or fields with incomplete information.

Why Don’t I See All My Information?

In some cases, you may only see limited information when you edit a transferred listing for the first time in the new REcolorado Matrix. That’s because REcolorado Matrix now uses Dynamic Listing Input to build listing input forms. When you first edit your listing, you may see only the Start Listing and Next tabs. If you are missing one of the required fields on the Start Listing tab, the rest of the form will not be visible yet.

More great news! All your listing information is still saved in the system. Once you complete the information on the Start Listing tab and click the Next tab, the rest of the input form will appear, and you’ll be able to see and edit all other fields for your listing.

Field Mapping for Transferred Listings

When REcolorado launched the latest version of Matrix, all existing listings were transferred into the new system. Because some fields changed based on RESO Data Dictionary standards, existing listings also had to be mapped into the new fields.

In many cases, previous fields had a direct counterpart in the RESO Data Dictionary. However, not all fields had a direct one-to-one match. In these cases, the data was mapped as closely as possible.

All your data was carried over into the new system, but you’ll want to review your listings to ensure that everything is accurate and complete.

Review our Data Mapping Reference guides for more examples of how property types and field names are changing in the new REcolorado Matrix.

If you have questions about how your listings were transferred or how to validate and edit listings in the new REcolorado Matrix, contact our Customer Care team at or 303.850.9576, option 1.