New Rental Export at Your Fingertips

The rental market is changing and now, more than ever, it’s important to know how to enter and search rental listings in Matrix.

To help you manage rental listing data quickly and easily, we’ve recently added a rental specific export so that you can view all your rental listing data in a csv or excel file, and manage the information at your convenience.

To easily find the Rental Export from a Matrix Residential General Search:

1. In your search criteria include Active and/or Leased status and Rental (type) listings.

2. Select your desired listings and click Export at the bottom of the results page.

3. Select Rental Export from the drop down menu and click Export.

For more details regarding recent adjustments to Matrix export options, please read our Release Notes.

For more instructions on how to Export Results from Matrix, click here.

Rental Export format REcolorado Matrix