New REcolorado Matrix: FAQs

We’re excited to launch a new version of REcolorado Matrix! Because having quick and easy access to information is one of the keys to navigating change, we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions from our training classes below.

We’ll continue updating this blog post based on your feedback and questions, so check back for new answers.

Remember, if you ever get stuck or confused, call REcolorado Customer Care! Our team is available to answer your questions. Call us at 303.850.9576, option 1, or email

Where is Single-Family Attached?

The new REcolorado Matrix no longer has categories for “Residential – Detached Single Family” and “Residential – Attached Single Family.” Instead, all homes will fall under the “Residential” Property Type and will be distinguished based on Property Subtype. Keep reading >>

How do you determine Levels?

Levels start at grade from the front of the house, or where you walk in at the front door. This RESO standard is consistent across the nation. To learn more about levels and how to calculate square footage, see our Square Footage Companion.

Why can’t I edit my Property Subtype?

Listings were transferred based on the legal description and Property Type and Subtype data mapping. To preserve data integrity, you will not be able to edit the Property Subtype on transferred listings. If you have questions about how your listing data was transferred, please contact REcolorado Customer Care

Why can’t I add information about Associations, Restrictions, or Covenants after I start a new listing?

REcolorado Matrix now features Dynamic Listing Input, which only displays relevant fields during listing input. This functionality was built based on customer requests from brokers who wanted a simpler listing input process and improved data quality. Your selections on the Start Listing tab determine which tabs and fields are available in the form moving forward. If you selected “No” under both Association (HOA) and Restrictions and Covenants, you would not see the Association tab on your input form. If you made a mistake and need to change one of your entries, please contact REcolorado Customer Care.

How does “Coming Soon” status work with NAR’s Clear Cooperation policy?

Coming Soon status is part of the functionality within Matrix and is currently separate from NAR’s Clear Cooperation policy. Within Matrix, the Coming Soon status will function as an office exclusive listing, only visible to brokers within the same office for seven days. The REcolorado Rules and Regulations Committee and Board of Directors are currently discussing how REcolorado will implement NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy and how it might impact the Coming Soon status within Matrix. Stay tuned for future updates. Keep Reading >>

How is Days in MLS (DIM) different from Days on Market (DOM)?

Days in MLS (DIM) functions the same as what you currently know as Days on Market (DOM), showing the number of days a listing has been in Active status in the REcolorado MLS. You will no longer see Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM). For a full view of a listing’s history, refer to the History tab in REcolorado Matrix.

Why can’t I access some syndication channels?

One syndication channel, Denver Post, have ongoing work to access data from the new REcolorado Matrix. Once their work is completed, they will be re-added as a syndication channel in REcolorado Matrix.

What is Also Marketed As?

Also Marketed As is a field that will allow a listing entered in the correct Property Type to appear in searches for other selected Property Types without having to enter a duplicate listing. This field can be found on the Marketing tab in Listing Input. This eliminates the need to enter a listing as more than one Property Type. For example: If a listing is entered in the Residential Property Type and Land is selected in the Also Marketed As field, the listing will appear in search results for both Residential or Land property types when using the Also Marketed As search form.  

How do I quickly search by MLS number (Listing ID)?

Your REcolorado Matrix Speed Bar displays listings in the same order as the MLS numbers you type. This is helpful for quickly creating a list of properties in a specific order for you or your client. Learn more in this guide: How to Search by MLS # Using the Speed Bar >>

How do I add Price Per Square Foot (PSF) to the Single-Line Display?

Adding Price per Square Foot fields to full listing display is on our list of upcoming enhancements to REcolorado Matrix. In the meantime, if you want to see Price Per Square Foot (PSF,) you can quickly add it to your Single-Line Display. 

To add the PSF column: 

  • Use your mouse to hover over a column header in the Single-Line Display  
  • Then, left-click with your mouse when your curser presents as a map compass (four-point arrow)  
  • Next, within the pop-up, select “Insert Column” 
  • Scroll down the list of available options to Choose PSF Above Grade, PSF Finished, PSF Lot, or PSF Total. To add more than one column, hold down your “Ctrl” (Windows) or “Command” (Mac) key and select more than one PSF option  
  • Once the desired columns have been selected, click “Apply”

More detailed information can be found in our REcolorado Matrix How-To document, Creating a Custom Display from Results >>