New REcolorado Matrix: January 13 Scheduled Launch!

For several months, we’ve been sharing updates about our Go RESO project and the new version of REcolorado Matrix it will bring next year. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes, and now we’re excited to let you know the planned launch date for the new REcolorado Matrix is January 13! 

New REcolorado Matrix – What you need to know: 
What is Changing?    

By bringing REcolorado Matrix up to the latest and greatest RESO Data Dictionary Standards, REcolorado is building a stronger foundation for the data you rely on every day. When the new version of Matrix goes live, you’ll see:  

Fresh Look and Feel  

Improved Grouping of Information

Dynamic Listing Input based on Property Types 

Consistent Field Names  

Your current settings within REcolorado Matrix will transfer into the new system. You can still customize your dashboard and displays, and customizations you’ve applied will carry over to the new REcolorado Matrix. We’re also transferring your listings, saved searches, and auto emails. Here’s what you can do now to save time later:  

Review Your Saved Searches 

Complete Your Listings 

New REcolorado Matrix – What you need to do: 
Attend Training and Watch the Webinar 

Want a chance to preview the new system? We are offering a special training class – Be Ready – It’s Coming – New REcolorado Matrix – at locations across Colorado.  

Note: Many of our Denver Metro Area classes have already sold out. Space is limited, so please be respectful. If your plans change and you can no longer attend a class after you registered, please let us know. We want to make sure as many people as possible can attend this training class.  

If you can’t make a live class, please take the time to watch the Be Ready – It’s Coming – New REcolorado Matrix recorded webinar. This hour-long class reviews the history of our Go RESO project and previews the major changes you’ll see in the new REcolorado Matrix.  

You should also plan to attend our listing input and search classes early next year. These classes have been updated based on the new system and will teach you new tricks and ways to effectively use REcolorado Matrix to enter complete and accurate listings.  

Matrix: Accessing What You Want 

Matrix: If It Can’t Be Found, It Can’t Be Sold 

Even if you work with an input coordinator and don’t enter your listings, understanding how listings are entered will help you to better use and search REcolorado Matrix to find the information you need.   

To get to know the system in advance, check out the training resources available for New REcolorado Matrix.