New REcolorado Matrix: Built with Your Input

REcolorado’s Go RESO project first started back in February, when we invited real estate professionals to join customer feedback teams.  

New REcolorado Matrix: Customer Feedback Teams 

Go RESO has been a huge project, which touched all aspects of REcolorado Matrix, every data customer who receives a data feed from REcolorado, all our partner products, and each REcolorado subscriber. Knowing the full reach of the project, we sought out input from our customers from the very beginning.  

Ten project teams evaluated the major changes to REcolorado Matrix, including data, listing input, the client portal, statistics, and search and displays. We also created teams for several of the new property types, including commercial, rentals, fractional, manufactured/mobile, and farm and ranch. We held over 30 team sessions to address every aspect of Matrix and how the new RESO standards should be implemented.  

We also tapped the REcolorado Think Tank and used customer surveys to gather even more information from our subscribers.  

In total, more than 200 real estate professionals provided insight and feedback for the Go RESO project. Thank you to all who participated – your input was invaluable for building the new version of REcolorado Matrix!  

New REcolorado Matrix: Customer Requests  

In addition to direct input in these feedback sessions, we also track the feedback you provide when you call REcolorado Customer Care. Because the Go RESO project touched every aspect of REcolorado Matrix, we used this project as an opportunity to implement many of the most-requested features from our customers, including:   

  • Reorganized Search, Displays, and Reports 
    Important information, like HOA details, is featured more prominently on the listing details page. Plus, a more logical grouping of information keeps similar fields together.  
  • Cleaner Layout  
    Not only does the new REcolorado Matrix have a new color scheme, but the changes we made to the displays and reports make it easier for you to skim and quickly find the information you need. 
  • More Help Text  
    Every field within Residential input and search will have complete help text with the field definition or an explanation of how to use the field.  

The new REcolorado Matrix will bring many enhancements requested by you. By building a strong foundation for your data, we’re in a strong position to bring even more enhancements and technology to you, faster and better than ever.  

When you have ideas or suggestions on how to make REcolorado Matrix better, please share them with us! Let us know you’re interested in joining the REcolorado Think Tank by emailing We value your input to make REcolorado Matrix an MLS built by brokers, for brokers.