New Realist Offers User-Friendly Features

A new version of Realist is now available! This update brings you two significant enhancements: 1) the Realist website no longer requires Flash, and 2) you can now access and use Realist from a mobile device. These two updates alone bring many benefits to brokers, but it doesn’t end there. Look for these updates and new features:

Pro Tip: For an in-depth look at all the new Realist features and updates, sign up for a live training webinar, Realist: Accessing Public Records Information

Modern Design

The Realist platform has been given a refresh with a modern look and feel. You still have the functionality you’ve been using, with a few layout updates to reflect best practices and improve user experience.

For example, you’ll notice three new icons in the upper right-hand corner. Here, you can easily access help, settings, and your saved properties – more on those below.

Realist Icons Favorites Settings Help

New! Card View

Quickly see a photo and key information for the properties in your search results with the new card view. You can switch between list and card view depending on the information you want to see.

When you’re in card view, each property card displays the address, a photo if available, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and square footage. Plus, you can customize additional information that appears on the cards – choose up to 3 fields to feature in the card view. The system saves your preferences, and you can quickly edit which fields display anytime.

Realist Card View Favorite Icon
From card view, you can easily mark a property as a Favorite to come back, see it again later, and access reports.

Favorites: Save Listings to Find Them Later

Click the star icon to save a listing! To quickly save properties from a search results list, simply click the new star icon that appears in card view. See all your saved listings from the Star icon in the upper right-hand corner, mentioned above.

Plus, access reports from your saved Favorites. You can export, print, email, and create labels directly from your list of saved properties.

Pro Tip: You can also save a Realist search to access it later.

New Search Features

As you enter search criteria, a new dynamic search results count lets you easily see how many properties match your criteria before you run the search. This helps you know if your search criteria is too broad or too narrow before you hit “Search.”

Pro Tip: Use the dynamic search results count to narrow your criteria first for faster search results!

If you’re conducting a broad search, you can now see up to 3,000 results. Or, you can limit the number of results you want to see to keep things manageable. Check your user preferences by clicking the gear icon. From search settings, you can determine the max number of properties in the results grid from 50 to 3,000. 

Realist Search Settings Maximum Properties


From the map view, different colored pins let you quickly get information about your search results. Like Matrix, the colors correspond to the most recent MLS status of the property.

  • Green = Active listing
  • Red = Closed listing
  • Yellow = Pending listing
  • Purple = Expired listing
  • Black = Withdrawn, or properties with no associated listing activity
Realist map icons colors MLS Status

Plus, add notes to the map as you work! Use the annotation tool to add notes on a specific property or point on the map. These notes will stay on the map throughout your session as you work unless you delete them or clear all notes. When your session ends or you close Realist, the annotations will be cleared.

Realist Annotation Note Property

Realist Training

To help you learn the ins and outs of Realist, we’ve updated more than 20 how-to documents with the latest features and time-saving tricks. Find these in the Help section within REcolorado Matrix and the Learning Center.

For an in-depth look at all the new Realist features and updates, sign up for a live training webinar by clicking the link below:

Realist: Accessing Public Records Information

Questions? Our Customer Care team is here to help! Contact us at or 303.850.9576.