New Product Announcement: InfoSparks and FastStats

Data Tools to Analyze Local Trends Quickly

“So, how is the housing market?” Whether we’re presenting to a prospective client, staying in touch with a previous customer, or at the grocery store, this is a question you welcome daily. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise and build relationships. Answering it could even land you a new client!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had tools that could put the answer to the “How’s the market” question at your fingertips?  Well, now you do.

We’re thrilled to announce we have formed a partnership with ShowingTime to provide you a new set of easy-to-use market reports and interactive tools for generating and analyzing local trends – InfoSparks and FastStats. These new tools, now provided as part of your REcolorado subscription, are designed to save you time, give you information, and position you as the true housing market experts you are!

Accessing InfoSparks and FastStats

REcolorado Stats News Reports InfoSparks FastStats

You can access InfoSparks and FastStats from your CONNECT dashboard. Look for the InfoSparks button in the REcolorado Stats/News/Reports section. There will be no need to login, you will be taken directly to the InfoSparks main page.  You can access FastStats from the top navigation menu in InfoSparks.

Training Opportunities and Resources

We have developed a suite of training tools and resources you can use to get up to speed quickly on InfoSparks and FastStats:

Hands-On Classroom Training – Matrix Market Intel

Learn @ Lunch Webinars – InfoSparks – Market area statistics at your fingertips

Matrix Help Tab – in the Market Intel Section

– InfoSparks How to Generate Statistics

– InfoSparks How to Modify the Data Display

– InfoSparks How to Select and Compare Areas

– InfoSparks How to Create and Save My Areas

– InfoSparks How to Share Statistics

ABOUT InfoSparks and FastStats

InfoSparks is a mobile-ready, simple-to-use interactive stats product that combines local geography with customizable housing variables, timeframes and market metrics. You can use InfoSparks to quickly analyze and share trend data in a clean, intuitive interface.

Use InfoSparks to generate charts that will support your recommendations at listing presentations by comparing local to regional numbers and for managing client expectations by answering the emotional point of price.

Emphasize your expertise and knowledge on your website, in blog posts, through email marketing campaigns and on social media.

Write specifically about a neighborhood, highlight a metric like months’ supply of inventory to show supply and demand, drill into variables like attached or detached. Position yourself as the expert by including stats in all marketing materials!

Compare up to four areas by several housing variables and market metrics at once.

Define variable categories like property type, square footage and bedroom count.

Scan important market metrics like days on market and median sales price for your defined areas.

Share live charts and snapshots of the market or download raw data to make your own charts.


FastStats real estate statistics button

is a tidy, map-based interface that displays the most current reports, as well as a history of reports going back as far as 2012. Simply select from a drop-down menu or from a map of the local region, and there will be a report waiting for you!

Local Market Updates are monthly, one-page market reports for predefined geographic areas in the region covering six key housing metrics for detached and attached single-family homes.

Monthly Indicators is a monthly, market-wide report for the REcolorado® market area that covers each of the key metrics in further depth, overview pages for detached and attached single-family homes, and historical trends for each metric.

The Annual Report provides a wide range of useful housing data in a visually clear format that will feed your market knowledge year-round.

Statistics Archive

Older reports as well as past REcolorado Market Snapshots can be accessed in the Statistics Archive.

Have questions?

user manual & FAQ button

In addition to REcolorado training resources, you can learn more about InfoSparks and FastStats by taking a look at the User Manual & FAQ. And, as always, you are welcome to contact REcolorado Customer Care with questions at or 303.850.9576, option 1.