New REcolorado Matrix – Be Ready: Review your Saved Searches

A new version of REcolorado Matrix – your MLS system – will launch in January as we wrap up our Go RESO project! That also changes the way you will search and enter listings.

New REcolorado Matrix – What you need to know:
Transferring your Saved Searches

Your listings, saved searches, auto emails, contacts, and settings will transfer into the new REcolorado Matrix.

However, because of changes to MLS field names, you’ll need to review your saved searches and auto emails to make sure they are still giving you the results you want after the transfer.

New REcolorado Matrix – What you need to do:
Review Your Saved Searches

To save time after launch, take these steps now:

  1. Delete Unused Saved Searches and Auto Emails.

    Review your saved searches and auto emails and delete any that you are no longer using. By removing them now, you’ll have less to review later!
  2. Rename your Saved Searches.

    Make sure each search is named in a clear way that will help you know the type of results that search will generate. Your searches will have the same name in the new REcolorado Matrix, though some specific criteria will reflect the new field names. The same applies to auto emails, so make sure they have a clear name.
  3. Save Complex Search Criteria for Reference.

    If you’ve set up complex searches, with many fields included, it’s a good idea to make a copy of your search criteria for reference. Once the new REcolorado Matrix goes live, you will no longer be able to see the previous search criteria associated with your saved search. Here’s how to save a copy of your search criteria.

After the new REcolorado Matrix launches, you’ll want to review your saved searches for accuracy. While many fields have a direct equivalent in the RESO Data Dictionary, some fields have been mapped based on new definitional. Take a look at our Data Mapping Reference guide for examples of new RESO Data Dictionary Fields.