So, What’s the Deal With the New Matrix Map Update?

Bing, the map provider for Matrix, recently made a few adjustments to allow for a cleaner, more user-friendly experience. The following list should help you easily navigate the changes.

– Angled Birds-Eye aerial view was removed.

Tell me why: This view was outdated. The remaining map view delivers a more current experience.


– Automatic mode is no longer available. (This feature switched Road view to Birds-Eye view when zooming into a certain level.)

Tell me why: Because Automatic mode used Birds-Eye view, and Birds-Eye view is no longer available, Automatic mode is no longer available, either.


– Use the tap-tap-tap motion for the polygon tool on touchscreen devices instead of the tap-and-drag motion.

Tell me why: Although you could previously use the tap-and-drag motion AND the tap-tap-tap motion for the polygon tool on touchscreen devices, most users prefer the tap-tap-tap motion. The tap-and-drag motion was removed to simplify features. Tap-tap-tap away!


– The Locate Me button was added in place of the Pan button.

Tell me why: The Locate Me button makes the viewing process more efficient. You’ll also notice the placement of the zoom controls is slightly different. This increases the visual appeal.


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