NEW! Freehand Map Shape Drawing Tool in REcolorado Matrix

Check out the exciting new REcolorado Matrix enhancements that were launched earlier this year. To learn more, attend one of our Matrix training classes.

Draw Any Shape on the Map

A new ‘freehand’ map shape drawing tool has been added to the tool bar, meaning you can now draw any shape you want on the map. Ah, the sweet taste of freedom! Simply click on the Freehand Polygon icon in the map toolbar, then click and hold the mouse button and start drawing your desired shape. On touch-screen devices, use your finger to draw the desired shape.

Customize the Print Format for Your Header and Footer

We’re giving you all the choices. Print your reports with only a header or only a footer. Get crazy. You can access this feature by clicking the blue ‘Print’ button at the bottom of any listing.

Email Your Listings

We’ve added an Email button to the My Listings page. It’s the little things that make all the difference, right? So small, yet so convenient. You can use this feature when you’re entering your listing (or have just made it active in the system) and you want to send it to your client for approval.

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Define Your Own Map Radius

Free rein! Enter your own specific distance in the proximity search on the search form. This is helpful for urban or rural areas where the pre-set options are often not narrow or broad enough. The pre-set distance options are still available if you need them.

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Refresh the Market Watch at Any Time

A Refresh button has been added to the Market Watch widget on the home page, so you can update the Market Watch counts any time during a session. This means you can easily stay up to date on changes as they happen, without having to use the refresh and back buttons built into your internet browser (which could log you out of your session in Matrix).

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Print Preview of ‘Map of Property Locations’ is Now Interactive

We’re getting handsy! Er, more hands on, that is. The multi-property map report (available in Map of Property Locations print options), is now an interactive map Print Preview. This allows you to print multiple listings on a map while customizing the zoom level, map style, and overlays you want. For example, you may want to use this feature to better highlight school boundaries and flood zones, which can be extremely useful for your clients.

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Print Button is Now Available for Concierge Approvals

At this point, we’re out of clever things to say, so we’re just going to give it to you straight: a print button has been added to the Concierge Approvals page. Happy printing! In Matrix, the Print button often means you can generate a report. The Concierge Approvals gives you the option to generate all the reports available for that specific property type.

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To learn more, attend one of our Matrix training classes.