New REcolorado Matrix – Be Ready: Complete Your Listings

The new version of REcolorado Matrix is coming in January! The system-wide conversion is bringing your listing data up to the latest and greatest RESO Data Dictionary Standards. That also means changes to the way you edit and enter listings.

New REcolorado Matrix – What you need to know:
Transferring your Information

Behind the scenes, our team has been hard at work. All listings in our current version of REcolorado Matrix, including active and historical listing data, will transfer into the new REcolorado Matrix. You’ll still have complete historical information to perform CMAs and serve your clients.

However, some MLS field names have changed to match the RESO Data Dictionary. Because of these differences, you’ll want to review your active listings to make sure they are accurate and up to date after the transfer.

New REcolorado Matrix – What you need to do:
Complete Your Listings

First, review any Active, Under Contract, or Withdrawn listings currently in the system to make sure they are as complete as possible. The more fields you enter now, the more accurate they will be in the new version of REcolorado Matrix.

Some fields that were not previously required will be required in the new system. These changes were based on customer feedback and help support new functionality like dynamic listing input. For example, adding information about Restrictions and Covenants will be required when you start a listing in the new REcolorado Matrix. To save time later, add in that information to all your active listings now. Complete the information in the “Restrictions & Covenants” section. Select “No Covenants” if the property doesn’t have any.

Many fields have a direct equivalent in the RESO Data Dictionary, but some will change. If your listing contains a field that requires action, you will be prompted to update your listing when you first edit the listing in the new REcolorado Matrix. Your listing will still be active but may require a quick update before you’re able to further edit or make status changes.

Review our Data Mapping Reference guides for more examples of how property types and field names are changing in the new REcolorado Matrix.