NEW Listing Input Updates!

We are excited to announce the release of several new product enhancements designed to benefit you and your business. As always, the choice to implement these enhancements was based on your feedback and suggestions. So, thanks for your input! This week’s product release includes Matrix Listing Input updates:

Smart/Connected Home Features 

  • A new optional field called Smart/Connected Home Features has been added to Residential Attached, Residential Detached, and New Home Plans input. This field is located on the Interior Tab under the Features section. It is searchable, available to add to the Single Line Display, visible on the Full Displays, and Exportable.
  • You can use this field to highlight properties with smart home technology. Some smart home features include being able to remotely control lighting, thermostat, security system, or even the garage door from your mobile phone or other internet-connected devices.

Update to Incoming Status in Listing Input

  •  Listing Agent ID is now a required field when entering or editing a listing in Incoming status

To learn more, read our latest release notes.