Preview the New and Check Out the New CRM Tool

REcolorado will soon be launching a new home search site. But before it becomes widely available to the public, we want you to see it first! Here’s what we’re most excited about:

  • Fresh look and feel
  • Enhanced mobile functionality
  • Improved search engine optimization

These new features will help give you, as well as your listings, even more visibility online.

You can preview the new site now at

Early Access to Your New CRM Tool – Homes Connect

An added benefit of the new is free access to the built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool called Homes Connect, which will replace the Agent Admin you may currently be using on the existing Learn more about Homes Connect and sign up for a webinar >>

Why Does REcolorado Have a Home Search Site? is for you! It is designed to provide home buyers and sellers up to date and accurate information while keeping you – the local broker – at the center of every real estate transaction. We are making our home search site stronger to give you and your listings added visibility with no extra advertising fees. A strong gives you the option of reducing the amount of your hard-earned cash you spend on the national portals. Learn how >>

Get the Most Out of is designed to point consumers to you. Now is a great time to check out your new broker webpage and make sure your contact information, photo, and bio are all up to date. Here’s how >>

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for even more information about the new site!