New Tool For You – MyFloodStatus

Flooding disasters will happen. Incorrect determinations should not. REcolorado is pleased to announce a new partnership with MyFloodStatus that will make Flood Determination reports available to you at a discounted rate. 

An accurate flood report is a resource you can use to win more listings, market properties, determine insurance needs, and close more deals. What’s more, they can help you stand out as an expert in your field and protect yourself from liability.  

MyFloodStatus produces certified reports, which include accurate, pinpoint flood zone calculations that are backed by $2 million insurance policies. The reports outline the specific property boundary while color coding the Special Flood Hazard Area Designated Zones to explain the potential flood depths of the specific zones at or near the property.  

Accessing MyFloodStatus  

You can find MyFloodStatus reports on your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard. Click the icon and you will be directed to the MyFloodStatus site, where you will be given the option to order a report or sign up for the Gold package. The Gold Package allows you to receive 10 reports for $25/month. The REcolorado discounted rate is available to you when you access MyFloodStatus from CONNECT.  

MyFloodStatus Webinars

To learn more about MyFloodStatus, register for an upcoming webinar.  

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