Matrix Search Tip: Use *, ! and ? to Help You Search

You can use the asterisk (*) or exclamation mark (!) for searching on any open text field in Matrix where you can freely type. These fields include street name, locale, remarks, complex name, and more. You can also start and end with the asterisk to search for that word anywhere within the field.

  • If you don’t know a full name or are unsure of correct spelling, use the asterisk as a wildcard to replace the missing information. For example *mother* to search mother in law apartment, or *Carriage* to search carriage house anywhere within remarks.
  • Place an exclamation point at the beginning of a word you wish to exclude from your search. For best results, combine this with an asterisk. For example, entering !*Fix-Up* would exclude any listing that had “Fix-Up” anywhere in the remarks (even if it was entered as “Not Fix-Up”).

Questions? Hover over the question marks (?) next to many fields in both input and search to learn how best to use that field.