Use ‘ReportIt’ to Let Us Know About Potential Listing Errors

One of the many great benefits of REcolorado Matrix is that it includes integrated tools you can use to make sure you’re accurately entering your listings according to REcolorado Rules and Regulations. If all real estate professionals who use REcolorado Matrix take the time to ensure accurate listing details, then that increases the value you are providing to your clients. You’re giving them access to the most accurate and up-to-date information they simply can’t get from any of the national home search sites. 

REcolorado Report Listing Violations ReportIt MatrixUse ReportIt 

The more than 25,000 real estate professionals who use Matrix circulate a ton of valuable listing information, which, in turn, makes the market go ‘round. Listing Data Checker scans those listings for potential errors, but you can help, too!  

If you run across details on a listing that you think are a bit inaccurate or shouldn’t be there at all, use the ReportIt button to let us know. You can find the button (yellow triangle with a black exclamation point) in the icon section beneath the photo viewer on the Full display of any listing in Matrix.

REcolorado matrix listing reportit icon

ReportIt isn’t a way to get a broker in trouble, and we don’t automatically assess a fine. When you alert us, we investigate the details by reaching out to the listing broker to get a better understanding of intent. If the details truly don’t match up with REcolorado Rules and Regulations, we help the listing broker make the correction.

Check for Compliance Notes

New! REcolorado Customer Care may add a compliance note if a listing has been modified by MLS staff.

For example, a listing may be expired and relisted by our Care team if a critical error was made during the first listing entry. Historical data for the property will be available, and the Compliance Note will allow other brokers to understand why the listing was expired and re-listed.

Compliance Notes appear in red at the top of the listing details in REcolorado Matrix, as in the example below.

REcolorado Matrix listing compliance note

Accurate Information Levels the Playing Field 

When you agree to input listings into REcolorado Matrix, you also agree to input listings in accordance with REcolorado MLS Rules and Regulations. That includes entering accurate listing data, “Listing information submitted to the MLS, whether it is required or optional, must be accurate.” The rules and regulations help make sure no one listing has an advantage over another.  

For example, it’s against the rules to put personal advertising or third-party advertising in public remarks. So, if you were to come across public remarks on a listing that included a phone number, email address or another way to contact someone, that would be an instance where you could use ReportIt to let us know, and we’ll get in touch with the listing broker so the information can be appropriately adjusted.  

It’s All Anonymous 

Your name and information stop with us. In other words, if you use ReportIt, we won’t share any of your information with the listing broker. Privacy matters and we’re all about it.