Use ‘ReportIt’ to Let Us Know About Listing Errors

REcolorado is more than your MLS. We’re your business partner and we offer you the latest and greatest tools and services to help you run your business. We also work to ensure cooperation and compensation for the more than 22,000 agents who use REcolorado Matrix as their MLS.  

REcolorado Report Listing Violations ReportIt MatrixUse ReportIt 

The more than 22,000 agents who use Matrix circulate a ton of valuable listing information, which, in turn, makes the market go ‘round. Listing Data Checker and the REcolorado Customer Care Team work to scan those listings for incorrect information, but you can help, too!  

If you run across details on a listing that shouldn’t be there, use the ReportIt button to let us know. You can find the icon on any listing in Matrix. Don’t worry, ReportIt isn’t a way to get an agent in trouble and we don’t automatically assess a fine. When you alert us, we simply reach out and help the listing agent correct the information.  

REcolorado Accurate Listing Information MatrixAccurate Information Levels the Playing Field 

When you agree to input listings into REcolorado Matrix, you also agree to input listings in accordance with REcolorado MLS Rules and Regulations. The rules and regulations help make sure no one listing has an advantage over another.  

For example, it’s against the rules to put personal advertising or third-party advertising in public remarks. So, if you were to come across public remarks on a listing that included a phone number, email address or another way to contact someone, that would be an instance where you could use ReportIt to let us know, and we’ll get in touch with the listing agent so the information can be appropriately adjusted.  

REcolorado Matrix Listings ReportIt AnonymousIt’s All Anonymous 

Your name and information stop with us. In other words, if you use ReportIt, we won’t share any of your information with the listing agent. Privacy matters and we’re all about it.