REcolorado Matrix: Productivity Reports

With Matrix Productivity Reports, you can easily find comprehensive and current transaction information, generate sold market snapshots, check your individual production, view team ranking, better manage your office, and more!

Reports for Brokers

Listing Counts

Provides a snapshot of the current number of listings by status and property type.

Be a stats guru! Find out what the recent month’s sold production has been before the official reports are posted. Review historic sold data to compare to the current market. You don’t have to wait for the monthly report to come out – simply generate this report and get a sneak peek at the housing market this month.

Ranking Reports

Ranks agents, teams, or offices by sold listings, including total transaction volume number of transaction sides, and other criteria.

Applying for a real estate award? The submission process typically requires you to provide documentation of your productivity. This report makes it easy.

My Production and Inventory Report

Provides statistics on your sold listings and your current inventory so you can confirm your listings have been closed out in a timely fashion, whether you were on the listing or buyer side.

This also helps you check that you are showing as the buyer’s agent for the appropriate transactions. All in one comprehensive report!

My offices Production and Inventory Report

Provides statistics on your office’s sold listings and current inventory. This report helps you know what your office has listed and what has been sold by you and your office associates.

Show potential customers you are part of a successful office by using this as a listing tool. For managing brokers, this is also a great way to attract top talent.

Reports for Managing Brokers and Admins

Rankings Report for my Agents

Ranks the agents in your office by total transaction volume, number of transaction sides, and other criteria.

Track how well agents on your team are doing and compare them to others in the office. Great for office awards and recognition at sales meetings!

My Agents Production and Inventory

Provides statistics on sold listings and current inventory for the agents in your office.

Before you purchase an expensive third party tool, use the information already available to
you to help manage your office inventory and associates without additional fees!