Your Matrix Productivity Reports and a Variety of Ways to Use Them

How many listings did you have in 2018? How many did you sell? How do you compare to others in your office or area? How does your office compare to other offices? You can quickly and easily find answers to these questions and many more using the Productivity Reports that are available from the Stats tab in Matrix.

Your Productivity Reports automatically track your progress throughout the year, so you don’t have to track that info on your own. You can also use the reports to view the progress of other REcolorado agents and offices. These reports help you keep tabs on your efficiency, as well as the efficiency of others, so you can stay on track to crush your goals.

In the recorded webinar, Running Reports on Agent and Office Productivity, we’ll teach you how to access and interpret your Productivity Reports. Also, late last year, we released an enhancement that allows you to narrow your report by location, so be sure to read about that.

Once you’ve watched the recorded webinar and know the basics of pulling reports, check out the list below of popular ways to use Productivity Reports. Have you discovered a way to use a report that’s not on the list? Let us know down in the comments!  

Ways to Use Productivity Reports

Know how you’re performing

Generate a My Production and Inventory Report so you can see stats on your sold listings and your current inventory.

Compare yourself to others

Use the Ranking Report to compare yourself to one or multiple other agents, or your office to one or other multiple offices.

Easily pull info to submit for real estate awards

Awards season is coming! The submission process typically requires you to provide documentation of your productivity, and Matrix Productivity Reports make it easy for you to complete that step. Here are the award application links for our shareholder associations: Aurora Association of REALTORS® (deadline of January 31, 2019), Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® (deadline of February 1, 2019), and South Metro Denver RELATOR® Association (deadline of March 8, 2019).

Compare offices

Are you looking to make a career move? Pulling an Office Ranking Report can help you choose the right fit for you.

Prove your office’s value

If you’re a managing broker or a team actively looking to pull in top talent, you could use a productivity report to demonstrate just how awesome your office or team is.