Matrix MLS Updates Are Coming. Are You Ready?

Next week, we’ll upgrade to a new version of Matrix. It’ll include several updates that’ll make Matrix even easier to use. The way you use Matrix will not change, although you’ll gain more ways to brand your business and will be able to receive notifications when your clients are active in their portal. The majority of this upgrade is for your clients. They’re gaining a new and improved Client Portal.

You will be ready for the upgrade if you check these things off your list:

▢ Communicate With Your Clients
If you haven’t sent your clients a message about the changes they’ll soon see in the Client Portal, now is the time. We’ve made it easy. Use this template: Say Hello to Your All-New Client Portal.

▢ Get Trained – Register for a Webinar
We’re conducting webinars that specifically address the new features in Matrix. Visit the REcolorado Learning Center to view the sessions and sign up.

▢ Update Your Custom Header, If You Have One
Headers will now be large and in charge—1600 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall to be exact. If you uploaded a custom header in the previous version of Matrix, you’ll need to resize the original file and re-upload it when the new version of Matrix goes live. Tons of new header options will be available (we’re not exaggerating) with the new version of Matrix.

▢ Schedule a Demo
Ask your managing broker to contact their account manager to schedule a demo at your office. We’re always happy to bring more information to you.