REcolorado Matrix ‘Full Property View’ Brings All the Info to You

When you view public records information within REcolorado Matrix, you see a 360-degree view of the real estate market.

That’s because listing information and public records information is all in one place. When you view property details, whether from a listing search or a public records search, you’ll see a Full Property View.

There is a lot of information to see, so we’ve organized the details into tabs to make it easy for you to navigate through the property details. Plus, it’s quicker and easier for you to see what you need.

Full Property View

When you click into a property to view more details—whether you’ve run a listing search or used the new public records search option —you’ll see the new tabbed Full Property View display.

The full property view brings public records and MLS data together in a single interface. You can quickly and easily switch between the seven tabs to quickly see relevant information.

Note: If you select a property from a Listing search, you’ll see the Listing tab first. If you conduct a Public Records search, you’ll see the Tax tab first. Both tabs are still available regardless of how you came to the listing.

Let’s take a quick tour of the seven tabs available in the Full Property View.

Full Property View tabs in REcolorado Matrix

Tax: View Public Records Information

The Tax tab includes most of the fields you’d find in Realist – directly in REcolorado Matrix! As a listing agent, recent public records information can help reassure your seller that they’re putting their home on the market at the right time and for the right price. As a buyer’s agent, public records can provide valuable intel on the history of a specific home, which may help you and your client write the perfect offer.

Listing / Last Listing: View Most Recent Listing Details

When you click on an MLS number from a listing search, the Listing tab of the Full Property View will display the listing details for the property. This tab contains all the information you’re used to seeing when you search listings in the MLS.

A great benefit of public records in REcolorado Matrix is that you have the ability to run a public record search and view details for properties that weren’t listed in REcolorado Matrix. From a public record search, the Last Listing tab will display details for the last time the property was listed in REcolorado Matrix.

Note: When searching Public Records in Matrix, some records may only display public records information. If no listing can be found in REcolorado Matrix, the “Last Listing” tab will appear grey.

History: Get a Detailed Background of the Property

Use the History tab to get a combined history for the property quickly. This includes listing and sale history, mortgage information, and foreclosure information, if available.

Listing History Tull Property View REcolorado Matrix

Parcel Map: Learn Specifics About Neighborhoods with Interactive Maps

This is the tab that has received the most “oohs” and “ahs” during our training classes. The large map can be used to “walk the block,” so you can see the whole neighborhood and quickly access parcel information for surrounding properties, including exact lot dimensions, which is incredible intel to be able to provide your clients. Plus, the maps included in this tab are dynamic – from the Print Preview page, you can zoom in or drag to view different areas of the maps and then print the exact view you want.

Flood Map: Provide Flood Zone Information to Your Clients

The Flood Map tab provides FEMA Flood Zone details and a map of the property area with color-coded flood zone information.

Photos: View Current or Most-Recent Property Photos

Whether you’re viewing the property from a listing or a public record search, the gallery on this tab will include all the photos from the most recent REcolorado Matrix listing. You can still view photos from the Listing tab, too.

Foreclosure: Get Foreclosure Details

This tab will only be available if the property is currently in foreclosure. In this case, a Foreclosure Summary, Mortgage Information, and Foreclosure History will display. If the property is not in foreclosure, this tab will appear grey.

Be sure to check out all the training resources available for Public Records in Matrix. If you have questions, feel free to contact our Customer Care team at 303.850.9576, option 1, or send an email to