New REcolorado Matrix Enhancement Brings A Top Request

We love hearing your feedback! Your calls, emails, requests, and comments are used to make REcolorado Matrix an MLS developed for you and by you.

This newest version of REcolorado Matrix brings behind-the-scenes enhancements that set the stage for the new version of Matrix that will launch late this year as part of our Go RESO project. This is exciting news for our technology team. The exciting news for you is that it’s giving you your top-requested enhancement – the ability to organize your search results in the Single Line Display!

Take a look at the overview below to quickly find relevant how-to guides. Then, take advantage of the videos and webinars our training team has produced that’ll help you make the most of these new features. Access training on demand >>

Re-Order Single Line Display Search Results

You can now organize your search results in single line displays in the order you want, giving you the luxury of viewing, printing, or sending properties to your client in a specific order – for example, the same order as you’ll be showing homes! If your search results fit on one page, simply drag a line and drop it where you want it to create an order that works best for you and your client.

How to Reorder Search Results >>

Speed Bar Enhancement – Order Typed = Order Displayed

Your REcolorado Matrix Speed Bar just got speedier! With our latest enhancement, your Speed Bar will now display listings in the same order as the MLS numbers you type. This is helpful for quickly creating a list of properties in a specific order for you or your client.

How to Search by MLS # Using the Speed Bar >>

Print Listing Notes in One Place

The new ‘Print Notes’ option from the Print Options screen lets you print listing notes entered by you or your client in chronological order, along with the rest of the property report. This gives you the ability to easily reference notes from previous discussions with your client. You can include highlights of the home or other important information in the notes section.

How to Print Listing Notes >>

Create Multiple Carts

Carts are a way for you to organize and store information either for your personal use or for a client. Think of it like Amazon or other online shopping experiences – you load the properties you want to save into your cart so they’re all in one place and so you can easily reference them later. If you’re unfamiliar with Carts, be sure to watch our quick tutorial video.

What are Carts and How Can They Help You?

With this latest round of enhancements, you can now create multiple carts per contact! This can be handy for clients interested in multiple criteria. For example, if your client wants results for an income property and private residence, you can create a cart for each of these options under their contact.

How to Create Multiple Carts Per Contact >>

Manage Carts

Since you can now create multiple carts, you also have a more efficient way to manage them. The new cart management screen lets you easily search, view, and edit carts all in one place.

How to Manage Carts >>