Managing Broker Toolkit: BrokerBay

Help spread the word about BrokerBay in your office! Share these resources with the brokers and admins in your office to get them excited and prepared for the launch of your new showing management system.

BrokerBay Presentation Slide

Use this PowerPoint slide or image in a sales meeting. Remember to customize it by adding your launch date.

BrokerBay Coming Soon Powerpoint slide

Social Media Templates

Use these images in social media posts to share the news about BrokerBay! These are merely suggestions – feel free to customize the messages for your office!

  1. Click the image to save a copy.
  2. Copy and Paste the text, make changes as needed. Don’t forget to add your launch date and a link to training, which you can find in your onboarding email.
  3. Post the image and message to your social media groups and pages.

Have you completed your BrokerBay training? If not, sign up for a session and learn how to use our new showing management system today!

Our new showing management ecosystem, BrokerBay, is coming soon! If you haven’t completed your training, be sure to sign up for a class to prepare for our launch date on [Date].

BrokerBay is coming our way! Our office launch date is [Date]. The clock is ticking for you to configure your Coming Soon, Active, and Pending listings in REcolorado Matrix. If you need help, sign up for one of BrokerBay’s training sessions today.

BrokerBay Launches on [Date]! You have [XX] days to complete your training and configure your listings in REcolorado Matrix. Sign up for a class today!