Safe and Streamlined Showings with Lockbox Settings in BrokerBay

Key Points:

• Add lockbox information in BrokerBay so showing agents can access your property
• REcolorado’s showing management powered by BrokerBay supports manual combination lockboxes, electronic lockboxes, and one-day codes
• Follow the tips below to save time

In a fast-paced market when time is of the essence, it’s critical to provide reliable information to access a property for a showing. With REcolorado’s showing management powered by BrokerBay, listing brokers can easily add information about manual or electronic lockboxes, including one-day codes, for other brokers showing the property.

Electronic Lockbox

BrokerBay offers streamlined access to SentriLock, Supra, and MasterLock electronic lockboxes. After selecting the appropriate lockbox under Access Type, BrokerBay will display serial numbers for lockboxes associated with your account. Select the lockbox serial number in use at the property.

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SentriLock One Day Code

If you’re using SentriLock, choose “Enable One Day Code” if you’d like BrokerBay to automatically send one-day codes to showing agents for your listing. Make sure this box is checked, otherwise the complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center will not be able to issue one-day codes.

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Remember, BrokerBay will not provide one-day codes over the phone. For privacy and safety reasons, BrokerBay cannot provide access information verbally. When you call the complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center, they can resend the code to your email inbox.

Pro Tip: Email missing? Add BrokerBay to your Safe Senders list.

Manual Combination Lockbox

If you are using a manual combination lockbox, you can add information about accessing and unlocking the lockbox when you configure showing settings in BrokerBay. Under Access Type, select “Lockbox” and enter the lockbox code. You can also upload a photo of the lockbox. The lockbox code will be provided to showing agents with the showing confirmation. You can also select Direct, Key, or Door Code as manual access types.

How to Add Showing Instructions in BrokerBay >>