Track Listing Performance and Stay in Touch With Clients

REcolorado Listing Metrics provides you with the number of views, shares, saves, and inquiries from, IDX websites, and syndication channels like Nextdoor,  Zillow, and You can use the tool to track listing performance and stay in touch with your clients.

REcolorado Listing Metrics Syndication IDX

Why This Data Matters 

Accessing the views, shares, saves, and inquiries on your listings across multiple online platforms allows you to see the kind of interest your listings are generating. Do the views on one of your listings seem low compared to a similar listing? Think about updating your public remarks to showcase more of the property’s features. Additionally, are you using full-size, quality photos? Or, maybe the views are high on one of your listings, but the inquiries are lower than expected. This might prompt you to take another look at your price point and compare to other similar properties in the area. 

When you’re informed, you can be confident in your decision making. And when you’re confident in your decision making, that’s good for you, your client, and the health of the Colorado real estate industry. 

Pro Tip: Listing Metrics isn’t just for evaluating your current listings. Use the data show potential clients why an instant offer may not be in their best interest. 

How to Access Listing Metrics 

Listing Metrics is included in your REcolorado subscription at no additional cost. You can access the tool directly from your CONNECT dashboard under the section labeled REcolorado Stats | News | Reports. We recently relaunched Listing Metrics and it’s now better than ever before. Click here to see what has changed. 


February 9, 2018 – Learn@Lunch Webinar

How Are Your Listings Performing
Noon to 1 p.m.

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In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn how to see your listing activity compared to similar listings
  • See if price changes and other updates impact your listings
  • Explore how to generate a Weekly Seller’s Report