Track Listing Performance and Stay in Touch With Clients

REcolorado Listing Metrics shows you the number of views, shares, saves, and inquiries from the MLS, and from It also includes Homesnap, IDX sites, and syndication sites like Nextdoor, Zillow, and You can use this information to make informed updates to your listing, like changes to remarks or listing photos to better highlight some of the home’s features.

REcolorado Listing Metrics Syndication IDX

Why Quantitative Data Matters 

Accessing quantitative data allows you to see the kind of interest your listing is generating so you can make informed adjustments to create the results you want. Are the views on your listing low compared to a similar listing? Think about updating your public remarks to showcase more of the property’s features. Are you using full-size, quality photos? If not, you may want to adjust the images.

When you’re informed, you can be confident in your decision making. And when you’re confident in your decision making, that’s good for you, your client, and the health of the Colorado real estate industry. 

Pro Tip: Listing Metrics isn’t just for evaluating your current listings. Use the data show potential clients why an instant offer may not be in their best interest. 

How to Access Listing Metrics 

Listing Metrics is included in your REcolorado subscription at no additional cost. You can access the tool directly from your CONNECT dashboard under the section labeled REcolorado Stats | News | Reports. We recently relaunched Listing Metrics and it’s now better than ever before. Click here to see what has changed. 


Learn more about Listing Metrics through the Learn@Lunch Webinar we offer every few months called How Are Your Listings Performing. Click here to sign up. If you don’t see that webinar on the upcoming schedule, be sure to check back periodically. In the meantime, you can watch this quick tutorial video.