Listing Data Checker (LDC) Coming May 1 – Northern Colorado

Last week, we sent an email introducing a handy tool you’ll have access to starting May 1 called Listing Data Checker (LDC). We’ve offered LDC for years and are reintroducing it to you—our Northern Colorado subscribers.

If you missed last week’s communication, a quick recap is below or you can read the full communication.

  • After your listing is entered into REcolorado Matrix, LDC’s Listing Compliance Check feature will let you run a check on your own to make certain your listing details line up with REcolorado Rules and Regulations.
  • When a potential listing error is identified, you can count on LDC to give you a friendly heads-up in the form of an email notification, to let you know we’ve modified a listing on your behalf or so you can make some edits.
  • It’ll be your “Goose”—your wingman when you need to let us know about potential discrepancies you find on other listings by using the ReportIt button from the Full Property View of any listing.

“This is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.”

We’re suckers for classic movie quotes. Seriously, though, the REcolorado Rules and Regulations help maintain consistency and accuracy in REcolorado’s Matrix MLS so it’s easier for everyone to find what they need. Our Customer Care team has compiled a list of several major rules you should note that will save you a notification from LDC.

  • Update your listing status within three business days. Other real estate professionals rely on your status changes to keep their clients up to date.
  • Avoid personal advertising in the public remarks section. You don’t want to be that broker, so keep the public remarks section professional and stick solely to information about the property.
  • Use the Square Footage Companion to help you calculate your square footage. Accurately reporting square footage information means that other brokers and appraisers will have good intel for their CMAs and reports.
  • No naked listings. All listings must have at least one photo.