Introducing LionDesk – A New Tool for You

With all the items you juggle, it is important to have a CRM tool that is simple and integrated. REcolorado is pleased to announce a new partnership with LionDesk that will give you a new tool for client management.   

LionDesk is an end-to-end CRM solution for collecting, routing, and following up on leads to make sure a lead is never lost. You can use it to get organized by setting up tasks, contacts, and notifications to stay top of mind with your clients. 

At no additional cost, LionDesk gives you the ability to:  

  • Customize your dashboard to easily manage your clients, listings, searches, and showings  
  • View statistics on client interaction with messages and listings 
  • Communicate with clients through automated videos, emails, and texts   
  • Set up email drip campaigns for leads and contacts 
  • Manage your tasks and share tasks among team members 
  • Set up reminders for tasks or communications   
  • Schedule showings with ShowingTime 

Accessing LionDesk  

You can find LionDesk on your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard. Click the icon, and you will be directed to the LionDesk site where you will be automatically logged in and can begin using the CRM.  


LionDesk Resources 

To learn more about LionDesk, visit the FAQ Document.  

LionDesk Latest Updates: Open House Resources, Scripts Bundle, and Concierge