LionDesk: Text with Images, plus Activity Reports

LionDesk’s latest enhancements allow you to send mass text messages with images, plus track progress and view metrics through new Activity Reports. Learn more about these new features below.

Mass Texting with Images

A 98% open rate?! Yes Please! Leverage the Power of Text Marketing.

Did you know that research shows that email open rates are at 20% compared to the 98% open rate of SMS text messages? Whether you are sending one text or mass texting all your contacts, when you text through LionDesk you can keep all communication in one place.

With the latest update, you can now include images in text messages. Giving a great visual is the perfect way to connect and communicate with your contacts. With this enhancement, you can include images in your mass text message for anything from holidays to listings, etc.

Get more info on leveraging LionDesk texting here.

New Activity Reports

View metrics and track progress with LionDesk’s Activity Reports. You can track emails sent, texts sent, calls made, and more. Beyond that, you can compare your metrics over the past week, month, or year to get insight into your marketing efforts. This new feature is especially great for Admins and Team Leaders as they can view their team’s account activity and measure production!

Leads, Leads, Leads!

LionDesk’s newest partner, Social Agent Network, is a lead generation agency run by real estate professionals. They have found a way to make lead generation easy and profitable for agents. They do this through LionDesk’s newest Done for You Lead Generation Service. They take on all the heavy lifting, providing quality real estate leads that flow directly into your LionDesk CRM account and connect leads to an automated nurture campaign. Subscription packages offer 20 – 50+ leads a month and include Lead Assist follow up for EVERY lead. Learn more >>

Training Opportunities & Resources  

LionDesk’s current Onboarding Training Resources and Webinar schedule can be accessed at: