Limited Broker Load: New and Improved Listing Input for Offices

Brokers with limited input capabilities can now enter listings into REcolorado Matrix and Save as Incomplete. Then, office administrative staff can verify the listing information and activate the listing as either Coming Soon or Active when ready.

This will save both brokers and administrative staff time and resources by eliminating the need for listing input PDF forms and duplicate work.

Who does this impact?

Many offices rely on administrative staff to manage listing entry for brokers within the office. Others may count on an input coordinator to streamline the process. Either way, now this functionality is available for you to input listings on the go! Keep reading to learn how.

How does Limited Broker Load work for Brokers?

Previously, some brokers had to complete a PDF input form and submit it for entry into REcolorado Matrix. Now brokers can streamline the process and reduce error.

Brokers can enter listing information directly into Matrix and click Save as Incomplete. Incomplete listings save for 60 days. Anytime a change is made, the 60 days will reset.

Pro Tip: Use a laptop, iPad, or tablet to enter listing information directly into REcolorado Matrix while you’re at the property!

Instead of submitting a PDF form to your input coordinator or admin staff, simply send them the listing ID or property address.

How does Limited Broker Load work for Admins or Input Coordinators?

From the Home or Input tabs in REcolorado Matrix, Management and Admin staff can quickly pull up the listing, verify listing details, and add photos, virtual tours, and supplements. When ready, the admin can change the status to Coming Soon or Active so the listing is live in REcolorado Matrix and visible to all brokers.

Only management and admin staff will be able to make changes to other broker’s listings and submit the listing as Coming Soon or Active status.

Limited Broker Load Process

  1. Broker enters their Listing details using the Input tab in REcolorado Matrix.
  2. Brokers can use the Validate button to confirm all required fields are entered.
  3. Brokers will click Save as Incomplete.
    • As long as the listing remains in Incomplete status, the broker can continue adding or correcting information as needed.
  4. Broker will notify Admin staff of Incomplete listing by sending an email with the listing number.
    • This step may vary depending on processes within your office. For example, admin staff may also look for a signed Listing Agreement or other internal signals as a trigger to Activate the listing in REcolorado Matrix.
  5. From the Input tab, they can search by Broker name and locate the Incomplete listing.
  6. Admin Staff can verify all listing details and then change the status to Coming Soon or Active.
  7. All future listing edits or price changes in REcolorado Matrix must go through Admin Staff or Management.

Why is this better than using PDF forms?

The great thing about entering a listing right into REcolorado Matrix, rather than using the PDF forms, is that REcolorado Matrix listing entry is dynamic. For instance, when you select a Property Type, only Subtypes that match will be available. Additionally, required fields are highlighted so you won’t miss any listing details your admin team might need.

Once you have all the property details entered, you can quickly validate information by clicking on Validate from the button bar at the bottom. Any areas that need attention will have a red exclamation point. When the listing information is entered and verified, click Save as Incomplete.

Learn more about Listing Input in REcolorado Matrix

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