Letter from Kirby Slunaker – Colorado Cooperative MLS Agreement

In 2003, REcolorado, PPAR, and IRES put an agreement in place—the Colorado Cooperative MLS (CCM) Agreement— to share listing content and to offer cooperation and compensation among the participating MLSs. The agreement includes stipulations for how listing data is to be shared and displayed.

Do you occasionally find yourself working with a client whose home search takes them to Monument or Longmont? The CCM Agreement makes it possible to access PPAR and IRES listing information and run CMAs to assist your clients in those situations. REcolorado members who frequently operate in adjoining MLS regions maintain memberships with those MLSs as a part of their business. The agreement gives members of PPAR and IRES the ability to view REcolorado listings in the same manner.

While the sharing of data is a valuable tool for members, protecting your data and your market share is one of REcolorado’s top priorities. This is why the CCM Agreement includes stipulations to safeguard how listing data is displayed and used. REcolorado and PPAR have been strictly following the CCM Agreement as written in 2003. However, on several occasions, we have discovered IRES violating the agreement based on verbal conversations from years past. This includes displaying REcolorado and PPAR listings on their public-facing website and, most recently, keeping 10 years of sold data as opposed to the 6 months, as defined by the agreement.

Local and national news sources have recently confirmed what you already know, the Denver Metro Area—REcolorado’s key market—is the hottest real estate market in the nation. Allowing your data to be used by other MLSs outside the guidelines set by the 2003 CCM Agreement gives their members an unfair advantage in a market that is coveted by many, which could result in brokers expanding into your market more easily than you could expand into theirs. On behalf of our members, we are committed to protecting your data and market share.

At the request of our Board of Directors, we will work with PPAR to engage with IRES and enforce our 2003 agreement. Our goal is for the participating MLSs to follow the CCM Agreement as written, with data shared and displayed in an equitable manner and with brokers up and down the Front Range benefitting equally. If you have questions, I invite you to call a member of our Customer Care team at 303.850.9613, option 1.

Thank you,

Kirby Slunaker

President & CEO, REcolorado