Lean on Matrix and Listing Data Checker For Lead-Paint Disclosure Reminders

Brokers add great value to their clients because they know the ins and outs of selling a home. This includes important knowledge about disclosure items, including the legally-required lead-based paint disclosure if the home was built in 1978 or earlier. (Psst, there are a couple of additional to-do items regarding lead-based paint hazards and you can read about them here.) By uploading the required documents ahead of time, you are protecting your client and making certain the closing moves along as expected.

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)”

We know you have a ton of things to remember in addition to the lead-paint obligations, which is why we help you out as much as possible. There are a couple of automatic Matrix notifications in place to make it less likely for you to overlook that pesky, but important, disclosure.

Matrix Input Warning

If the listing you’ve entered was built in 1978 or earlier, you’ll receive a warning at the end of listing input. It’s important to note that you’ll see this warning even if you’ve already uploaded your disclosure. In that case, just know you’re good to go.

lead-based paint disclosure reminder Matrix REcolorado
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Listing Data Checker

Listing Data Checker—or LDC for short—is an automated tool integrated with Matrix that helps you make sure you’ve accurately entered your listing details. It also sends you courtesy notifications. For example, in the case of your lead-paint disclosure, if you’ve made your listing active but you haven’t yet uploaded your disclosure, you’ll receive a courtesy notification reminding you to upload it. Be sure to watch for those notifications and act in a timely manner, though, because after two notifications and no action, you may owe a small fine. If you’re unsure about your listing details, be sure to use the handy Listing Compliance Check to inspect your listing and review potential issues.

How to Upload Your Disclosure

Follow the steps in this how-to document, or the numbered steps below, to upload your disclosure as a supplement in Matrix. Remember, you cannot link documents from CTME or another platform, and you cannot use the ‘Browse’ button in Matrix to search other computer systems.

  1. Save the disclosure to your computer
  2. Click the Input tab in Matrix
  3. Select your listing
  4. On the Modify Listing screen, select the ‘Manage Supplements’ link under the Other Options section
  5. Under Select File, click on the ‘Choose File’ button and select the disclosure from your computer
  6. Under Supplement Type, choose ‘Lead Based Paint Disclosure’
  7. Click ‘Save’