LDC: A Little Checker, A Lot of Help

Listing Data Checker—or LDC for short—is an automated tool integrated with REcolorado Matrix that helps you make sure you’ve accurately entered your listing details. It also sends you courtesy notifications regarding status updates and reminders.

Hey, we all forget things from time to time. Luckily, LDC comes in clutch.

Listing Compliance Check

Ease your mind! Use Listing Compliance Check to identify any inaccuracies directly after you submit a listing as Active, Pending, Withdrawn, Closed, or Expired. On the Input Succeeded page, look for the Listing Compliance Check link. When you click the link, you’ll see a listing detail report from LDC indicating things you should note in red text.

Listing Data Checker Widget

listing data checker widget

The Listing Data Checker widget is available on your REcolorado Matrix dashboard and helps you stay organized. To make the most of the widget, we recommend moving it higher up on your dashboard. (REcolorado Matrix makes it easy to click and drag widgets so you can place them wherever you want.) Moving the widget higher up allows you to make sure all is well with your listings.

Here are some common errors that might pop up in your widget:

  • Taking longer than three business days to update the status of your listing
  • Personal advertising in public remarks
  • Inaccurate square footage information
  • Forgetting to upload any listing photos

For a more complete list, check out the REcolorado Rules and Regulations.

If you happen to have an error on your listing, there’s no need to sweat it. We’ll send you a friendly reminder (also called a courtesy notification) that prompts you to go in and adjust your listing details accordingly. But be sure to watch for those courtesy notifications, because not adjusting your details may result in a fine.

Report It

REcolorado Report Listing Violations ReportIt Matrix

The Report It button is available on the full display for all property types. It’s a yellow triangle with a black exclamation point in the middle. Click the button and complete the form to anonymously report a potential violation. Enter a note describing the violation, or read the list of most common violations. REcolorado Customer Care receives the form and reviews it for possible action. For privacy purposes for both parties (reporter and listing agent), all reported violations are treated as confidential.