What’s the latest with BrokerBay?

It’s been a minute since our last BrokerBay update, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes. At REcolorado we’re committed to bringing you high-quality tools and services. We’ve been working with the BrokerBay team to ensure when we launch, you’ll get access to a showing management solution that meets our and your high standards.

When will BrokerBay be available?

We anticipate offices will begin onboarding by the end of the year. Starting in December, you’ll see the BrokerBay button within REcolorado Matrix on listings that have been configured using BrokerBay.

Because BrokerBay will be using a phased approach to launch offices with their platform, you’ll see more and more listings with the BrokerBay button into next year. You’ll be able to start scheduling showings through BrokerBay as soon as you see the button starting in December. We’ll provide more information about scheduling showings in a few weeks so you can be prepared.

How will I access BrokerBay?

BrokerBay will be integrated with Matrix and available through CONNECT. Early next year, you’ll see a new field during listing input: Showing Service. Use this field to indicate whether you are using BrokerBay or ShowingTime to manage showings on your listing. Remember to configure your listing in the showing service so you’re ready to accept showings.

As a managing broker, how can I sign up my office with BrokerBay?

Managing brokers will receive an onboarding invitation directly from BrokerBay. An REcolorado Business Relationship Manager will provide advanced notice so you know what to expect and can watch your inbox. Reach out to marcom@REcolorado.com for more information.

As an individual broker, how can I sign up to use BrokerBay?

If your office is onboarding with BrokerBay, you’ll hear more about launch from your managing broker later this year or early next year. BrokerBay will be available at both the office and individual level. If you’re interested in using BrokerBay, you can soon configure listings directly through BrokerBay regardless of whether your office signs up.

Where will I go for training and support?

BrokerBay will be an integrated partner, available directly through REcolorado Matrix and your CONNECT dashboard. You’ll be able to sign up for training from BrokerBay during the office onboarding process to learn how to configure your listings ahead of your launch date. Plus, you’ll have access to BrokerBay training resources through your BrokerBay account. If you have questions about using the BrokerBay showing management tools, you can contact BrokerBay for support.

To learn more and find additional resources, review BrokerBay product details.

Stay tuned for more information from REcolorado and BrokerBay as we prepare to onboard offices and make your new showing service available. If you have questions in the meantime, you can reach our Customer Care team at 303.850.9576, option 1 or support@REcolorado.com