2 Covert Ways to Track Your Client’s Home Search Progress

Clients love a buyer’s agent who can give them a steady stream of potential homes that match the items on their wish list. Once you’ve set up their Client Portal, there are a couple of ways you can monitor their home-search progress without sending unnecessary “check-in” emails.

Then, use your “intel” to strategically plan out relevant communications about the homes they are interested in. Doing this will save everyone some time, and make you look like a rockstar agent.

recent portal visitors Matrix

Recent Portal Visitors

Located on the Home tab in REcolorado Matrix, there’s a widget called ‘Recent Portal Visitors.’ It shows up to 10 of your clients who have most recently visited their Client Portal. You can see if they’ve marked properties as favorites or possibilities, or if they’ve left you notes. This can help you quickly understand where everyone is on their journey to find a home, and it can help you prioritize the clients who may need communication from you. You can also use this information to adjust search criteria for your clients if you find they’re discarding a lot of the listings.

Activity Notifications

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Set up Activity Notifications so you receive alerts via email and text when your clients visit their Client Portal or make changes, like marking properties as favorites, possibilities, or discards. You can pick and choose the alerts you receive. This can be helpful when you want to quickly be notified of changes that your client makes. For more on how REcolorado Matrix can help you efficiently communicate with your clients, register for and attend our training class Matrix: Communication Tools. View all upcoming class dates and times >>