Jumpstart Each Day with These 3 REcolorado Matrix Widgets

Following a routine can help you start the workday on the right foot. Taking time to customize your REcolorado Matrix Home tab widgets, and logging into REcolorado Matrix each day to check them, will keep you feeling organized and up to date.

portal visitors client recent
Recent Portal Visitors

  • View a list of up to 10 of your clients who have most recently visited their Client Portal
  • See if they’ve marked properties as favorites or possibilities, or if they’ve left you notes
  • Stay in the loop on your clients’ home search progress so you can strategically plan daily communications

Pro Tip: Set up Activity Notifications so you receive alerts via email and text when your clients visit their portal or make changes, like marking properties as favorites, possibilities, or discards.

Market Watch

  • See what’s happened recently in your market at a glance
  • View what’s new or what has changed for several, fixed time frames of up to the last seven days
  • Provide your clients with the latest details on properties of interest to them
  • Easily customize the widget to only include properties that match specific criteria

How to Use the Market Watch Widget >>

How to Customize the Market Watch Widget >>

Hot Sheets

  • Grab a quick view of property updates
  • Get the scoop on all relevant changes within a specific property type up to the last 30 days
  • Create up to 10 custom Hot Sheets, each with separate criteria

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