Share Your Great Ideas, Join the REcolorado Think Tank

Your feedback as an REcolorado subscriber plays an important role in our decision-making process. The feedback helps us to better understand how you use the MLS and related tools and services, so we know what we might enhance to make your user experience the best that it can be. We’ve always collected and used your input. We also formed a think tank so we can collect your thoughts on certain topics on a more consistent basis.

REcolorado Think Tank

The REcolorado Think Tank is a voluntary group of our subscribers who, every now and again, will be asked to provide ideas, feedback, and advice through a variety of mediums, including focus groups, interviews, and surveys.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, we’d love to have you! Please click the link below and provide your name and contact information. Then, be sure to watch your inbox because we’ll provide you a more detailed survey you’ll use to indicate how you currently use REcolorado, to select the topics that are of greatest interest to you, and to let us know how often you’d like to provide feedback.

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Providing you the very best set of tools and services while maintaining the lowest MLS subscription fees in the state is our goal. We know it enhances your ability to provide great home buying and selling experiences for your clients. We’re excited to continue working closely with you.