Is Your Listing About to Expire?

When entering a listing into REcolorado Matrix, the Expiration Date that is included in your current valid listing agreement is required.   

Curious what to do when your listing is about to expire or has expired? Look below!  

My Listing will Soon Expire 

For your convenience, REcolorado sends you emails 14 and 7 days prior to your listing’s expiration date so you can avoid letting the listing expire if that is not your seller’s desire. 

Your sellers can sign an Amend/Extend, extending the expiration date in the listing agreement. If you receive an Amend/Extend, you can update the expiration date in REcolorado Matrix. Feel free to reach out to REcolorado’s Customer Care team for assistance.  

My Listing Has Expired 

If you receive an Amend/Extend or a new listing agreement within 30 days, contact REcolorado Customer Care and a member of the team will reactivate the listing.  Please note, you may be asked for a copy of the documents before the listing is updated.