REcolorado and IRES Data Exchange and Integration FAQs

What does “data exchange and integration” mean?
REcolorado and IRES agreed to exchange MLS data, to be integrated into their respective MLS systems, IDX and VOW feeds, the REcolorado App, public-facing websites, and integrated products, with three (3) years of listing history allowed.

When will the exchanged and integrated data be available in the MLS systems and other products?
Exchanged data is now available in both REcolorado and IRES MLS systems. IRES data is available to REcolorado customers in REcolorado Matrix and REcolorado data is available in IRES’s system. In addition, exchanged data is available in the REcolorado App, Homesnap, and InfoSparks and FastStats, as well as through IDX feeds. We will continue to work to make data available in additional products, including and, and will keep you updated as our efforts progress.

What listing data will REcolorado and IRES exchange and integrate?   
REcolorado, IRES, and REALTORS of Central Colorado have agreed to exchange the following:

  • Residential for sale, residential income, land, and farm Property Types (Commercial and non-MLS will not be included: timeshare, mobile home, manufactured, business opportunity, rental)
  • Closed listings (Sold) within the last three (3) years
  • Expired listings within the last three (3) years
  • Photographs, images, graphics, video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, written descriptions, remarks, narratives, and pricing information
  • Documents and supplements

Where will the data REcolorado and IRES exchange be used?
The exchanged data is integrated into the MLS systems, and will be integrated in various products offered by each MLS. At REcolorado, the exchanged data will be integrated into REcolorado Matrix, market statistics,, and the REcolorado App. Consumers will see the exchanged data in the REcolorado App and on

How can I identify listings that came from IRES?
In REcolorado Matrix, you can identify listings that originated in IRES by MLS number and Copyright details. All listings from the data exchange and integration begin with “IR.” At the bottom of the listing details page in REcolorado Matrix, you’ll see IRES listed in the Copyright information.

Can I include IRES listing data in market stats?
Yes, IRES listing data is available in market statistics reports generated through REcolorado Matrix. When generating a report, you have the option to include REcolorado, IRES, SSBR, and ROCC listing sources. Keep in mind, any listings that are entered in both REcolorado and IRES will be counted twice in these reports at this time. Removing duplicate listings is part of the next phase of data integration.

Market statistics reports generated using InfoSparks and FastStats include both REcolorado and IRES listings; however, duplicate listings have been removed.

How do I know which MLS system to use for entering my listings?
We encourage you to evaluate the complete set of products and services offered by both REcolorado and IRES and choose the one that will work best for you and your business.

Benefits of Entering your Listing Directly into REcolorado Matrix >>

What if there’s an error on my listing?
Double check the originating system for the listing. If the MLS number begins with “IR” the listing came from IRES and you can update your listing in the IRES MLS system. If not, log in to REcolorado Matrix MLS to update your listing. If you believe there’s an error on another broker’s listing in REcolorado Matrix MLS, simply use the ReportIt button to let us know about potential listing errors. If you’re reporting inaccurate data on an IRES listing, it will be shared directly with the IRES Data Integrity team for review.

What happens if I only belong to one MLS? Can I receive credit for buy-side transactions?
If you represent the buyer on a transaction listed in IRES or REcolorado, but do not belong to the originating MLS, your agent ID will not display. You must belong to the MLS in which the listing originated to have your agent ID appear on Closed listings.

Do I need to have an account with both REcolorado and IRES? 
The MLS subscriptions you maintain is an individual decision based on your business needs. Not all data from both systems is available through data exchange and integration. Some property types, including commercial and non-MLS (listed above), are not included. Consider whether you need access to these property types and historical data for longer periods of time (more than three years) in your decision.

Can I join REcolorado if I’m not in the REcolorado core service area?
Absolutely.  REcolorado has subscription options to meet the needs of brokers anywhere in Colorado. We offer premium and limited access subscriptions, with the ability to switch between subscription types at any time. Our Connect with REcolorado information sheet has more information.

Will PPAR, SSBR, ROCC, or other associations be included in this data exchange and integration? 
Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS® (PPAR) and Steamboat Springs Board of REALTORS® are not included at this time. REALTORS® of Central Colorado is included in the agreement making IRES data available to ROCC members in REcolorado Matrix and ROCC data available in IRES’s system. REcolorado’s goal is to make a greater depth and breadth of data available to all real estate professionals throughout the state. This is one of the reasons we launched a new version of Matrix that has RESO Platinum certification. We are open to forming additional data integration partnerships with any MLS organization throughout Colorado, including PPAR. 

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