Introducing Pro Innovator – Showingly

REcolorado is pleased to introduce Showingly, a new Professional Innovator product available on your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard. Showingly allows you to manage listings and showings, exclusively connect with clients, delegate showings, earn extra cash as a showing assistant, and receive free leads on your listings – all in one place. REcolorado customers will have access to a free AGENT account letting you conduct your business while working remotely with the Showingly mobile application, or from the comfort of your office with Showingly’s web application.

Look for the Showingly button on the “Marketplace Ad-Ons” tab on your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard. Create your free account today >>

Manage Listings

Connect and configure your active listings in seconds. Use Showingly to manage showings, incoming showing requests, automate listing feedback, and keep your seller clients in the loop.

Schedule Showings

Schedule individual showings or batch schedule showings using Showingly’s showing queue. Easily request showings at your fingertips or from your desktop and add your clients directly to appointments to let them know when they have a showing.

Connect with Clients

The Showingly CRM allows exclusive 1-to-1 connections with your contacts, meaning they’ll have an app of their own, you’ll gain valuable insights into their preferences, and you’ll never have to worry about your networking working with another agent ever again.

Craft Your Image

Customize your AGENT profile to let unrepresented buyers know why they should work with you. Collect achievements and accolades in your social profile and let others know automatically when you have new listings!

Delegate and Pick Up

Delegation built right into your showing management system means that you can be in two places at once. Busy agent? Delegate showings to prioritize your clients seeing the homes they want while freeing up your time. Looking to make some extra cash? Keep an eye out for those delegations and work as a showing assistant in your free time.

My Listing, My Leads

The ONLY showing management platform to allow unrepresented buyers searching for your listing to connect directly with you for free. After all, it is your listing data, it should also be your lead.

For more information, check out Agent by Showingly >>